Relying on a team of experts

Nils, Kurt, Giuliano & Alin, Networking & Security

Nils, Kurt, Giuliano, and Alin work together within Networking and Security. In a joint interview, they talk about their current project, the technologies they are working with, and how they collaborate with each other. Together, they are searching for the perfect solution for the client.


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I personally experience the familial atmosphere within Cegeka, which is also extended to the team, as very pleasant. We work in small teams with a lot of knowledge, allowing you to learn a great deal from people who already possess a wealth of practical experience.

Nils Joossens, Network Architect

Sharing knowledge fosters team growth

Which project are you working on together?

Allen: “At the moment, we are working together on a major project that focuses primarily on renewing and improving a network with over 200 sites. For this project, we have chosen the Fortinet Security Fabric ecosystem. We handle the project from A to Z. We map out the current network, determine the necessary hardware and software, configure and carefully plan the migrations. Any issues that arise after the migrations are resolved as quickly as possible.



What is your role in the project?

Kurt: “As a Network & Security Engineer, I often support the project with on-site activities. Recently, along with a few colleagues, we installed new firewalls, switches, and cabling for over 20 racks in a single day. Additionally, my colleagues and I are responsible for the day-to-day monitoring of inquiries, incidents, and network changes once things are operational.

Alin: “As a Network & Security Project Engineer, it is my task to migrate the 200 sites, along with the data centers, from the old network to the new secure solution. I configure the firewalls, switches, and wireless access points. I also implement the complete SD-WAN connectivity between all these sites, the data centers, and the Microsoft Azure environment."

Nils: I am a Network & Security Architect. As an architect, you work closely with the client. Together, you examine the current network infrastructure. You discuss the needs and requirements and identify the components necessary to achieve the desired outcome. Alongside the project leader, I contribute to defining the roadmap to make this project a success."

Giuliano: “On September 1, 2022, I started as a Young Graduate. So, I recently joined the Network & Security Automation team. I am jointly responsible for implementing and maintaining the network infrastructure using automation tools and technologies, such as scripting and APIs."


Which technologies do you work with?

Nils: I primarily work with well-known Microsoft tools, including Microsoft Visio for creating designs and Microsoft PowerPoint to present them. As for the technologies we use, it varies greatly. For this project, Fortinet was chosen, with products such as Fortigate, FortiAnalyzer, FortiManager, and FortiEMS. Additionally, we also implement other elements such as Aruba Clearpass. These technologies are installed in the client's own data centers, our Cegeka Cloud, as well as Microsoft Azure."  

Giuliano: “I primarily work with Ansible, Terraform, Python, and Jenkins. Additionally, we also use GitLab to maintain our code. These tools play a significant role within the team. We primarily use these tools to automate manual tasks. For this purpose, I have also been given my own lab.

Kurt: “When it comes to firewalls, I work with Fortigate and Checkpoint on a daily basis. Palo Alto and Cisco also come up regularly. For traditional network switches, you can expect to encounter Cisco, as well as HP Aruba and Fortinet in this project. Actually, we don't really mind which brand it is! There is always someone specialized in each product."

Alin: "For this assignment, we are using a range of Fortinet products, including Fortigate, FortiSwitches, FortiAP, FortiEMS, FortiAnalyzer, and FortiManager. Underlying the SD-WAN component, a good amount of dynamic routing knowledge is required. We primarily use BGP and OSPF for this purpose."



What have you achieved so far in the project?

Nils: "We have thoroughly mapped the current network and created designs for the future network. We have successfully migrated the larger sites and data centers using detailed procedures and action plans."

Kurt: "On some sites, all network infrastructure, including structured fiber and copper cabling, has already been replaced."

Giuliano: "A complex data center firewall with over 1,500 rules has been fully migrated to Fortigate using code. All firewall and NAT rules were automatically converted."

Alin: "Currently, we have also migrated the first sites from the traditional MPLS network to an SD-WAN solution. Dozens of Site-to-Site VPNs have also been transferred to the new environment."


Why do you enjoy working at Cegeka?

Giuliano: "Cegeka is a large company, which provides the opportunity to gain valuable experience from various projects. These projects are often exciting, challenging, and enriching. Along with the great colleagues and growth opportunities, these are the main reasons why I enjoy working at Cegeka."


Nils: "I personally experience the familial atmosphere within Cegeka, which is also extended to the team, as very pleasant. We work in small teams with a lot of knowledge, allowing you to learn a great deal from people who already possess a wealth of practical experience."


Kurt: "I fully agree with the previous answers. The open and friendly atmosphere makes my colleagues much more than just coworkers. As Giuliano mentioned, we work with diverse clients and technologies, which keeps things interesting every day."


Alin: "I have been working for Cegeka for seven years now, and I can say that I still thoroughly enjoy it. I get the opportunity to work with real professionals who are also great to be around, which makes me look forward to coming to work every day. In terms of the work itself, you have a lot of freedom and autonomy. You can plan your own schedule. As an engineer, I find this to be a valuable way to continue developing my organizational skills."


How do you ensure a pleasant atmosphere within the team?

All: "In our team, we regularly organize fun activities. We also often meet up for drinks or dinner outside of work. Since we also collaborate with our colleagues from Romania, we try to organize a weekend trip there once a year, where we all go together."

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