The secret of successful software

Joris Vertommen, Operations Manager Applications

An attractive design, intuitive navigation, lightning-fast performance and plenty of advanced features: this is what the perfect software application looks like, right? Not always. At Cegeka, we start a software project by mapping out the client's needs. The secret of successful software: start by understanding the business drivers.

In the start-up phase, good teamwork is required. Ideally, this phase is the start of a successful long-term collaboration with the customer.

Joris Vertommen, Operations Manager Applications

In close cooperation

"Know your customer” - this is not only the most important commandment in marketing and sales, it is just as important for software development. While software projects today are often iterative and agile, it's still crucial to determine the right foundation for a software application before the project starts."

"That's why we start our projects with a start-up phase, in which we organize a series of workshops and use visualization – actually quite a lot- in order to get a deep understanding of your organization and needs."

Cegeka has been selected as strategic partner for Application Management for the Flemish Government. Within the framework of the recovery plan 1 billion euro will be invested in digital transformation. Besides the Flemish Government, we also offer application services within IT Consultancy to many customers in Flanders and Brussels.

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