Warm follow-up at IT Consultancy

Nicky Van den Brande, Analyst Developer & Horejah Hertsen, Field Manager

In these exceptional times, it is all the more important to regularly check in with your colleagues and consultants. Horejah, Field Manager and Nicky, Analyst Developer at Cegeka Professional Services agree with this. They talk over a cup of coffee about the importance of frequent communication and a warm follow-up with a focus on mental resilience.

In Close Cooperation

Interesting and long-term projects: It might not always be obvious in IT Consultancy, but at Cegeka this is what we strive for. Together with your People Manager and the Sales manager, we map out opportunities that fit your expectations. We always aim for a long-term relationship 'in close cooperation' with our clients in order to maximize interesting opportunities.

We consider enriching your knowledge essential - and Cegeka supports you in this! Training courses are organized regularly and there are various initiatives for sharing knowledge. For example, there are guilds made up of people with the same job. A knowledge sharing event is also organized annually by the Professional Services division, supported by a number of employees from the competence center."



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