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Cegeka continues to grow! We have set up a new division in our Applications software department for an exciting long-term project with the Flemish Government. Do you want to help build a digital Flanders? Then you might be our new Enterprise Architect! Cegeka is a leading ICT company that offers quality solutions to its customers. We always strive for a tailored solution, i.e. the ideal match for the customer in order to achieve its objectives. We also look for this match when expanding our team. Competences and character are essential to us, in addition to experience and ambition. Cegeka continuously invests in talent management so that every employee can realize their own, full potential.

  • You help build applications that have an impact on 6.6 million Flemish people, like you and me.
  • You will define and follow up architectural guidelines for larger software projects/programs (3 scrum teams or more).
  • You make assessments of their application landscape in close cooperation with the customer, in function of business & strategy.
  • You determine development projects in collaboration with the customer and in function of strategy & business needs. 
  • You regularly spend time "with your feet in the dirt" by co-developing.
  • You are a soundboard within the Cegeka organization ( promoting the vision, supporting, giving advice): to project teams, programs, management. 
  • You determine and defend technological choices based on rational arguments. You use technology stacks that have proven their value, but at the same time you ensure future-proofing by introducing and stimulating sufficient innovation.
  • You introduce innovative ideas within the organization and ensure that they are picked up by other teams.
  • Because of your central role you also have a responsibility for people management: you manage and evaluate employees. You will be actively involved in talent management.

What you need to succeed:

  • Broad experience with professional enterprise Java is a must.
  • You have an arsenal of techniques to clarify and define the functional and non-functional objectives for an application.
  • You also have experience with analysis, design, implementation and delivery of applications.
  • You can design the architecture of complex applications, taking into account all non-functional requirements such as security, performance, scalability, ... and you can also communicate this to multiple teams.
  • With your expertise, you have a clear view on the (technical) risks in terms of impact and probability and you provide strategies to mitigate them.
  • You have a broad knowledge of and experience with Web and Database technologies, communication protocols, integration techniques, distributed systems, Devops, security, ...
  • Also operational knowledge is strongly present: network management, systems management, cloud, ...
  • You have experience with or interest in cloud native architectures.
  • O.O., design patterns, domain-driven design, refactoring and unit testing are very familiar concepts to you.
  • Scrum and eXtreme Programming are two agile development methodologies that you apply with pleasure and knowledge.
  • You immediately feel at home in the result-oriented, no-nonsense approach of a growing company like Cegeka.
  • You are a strong communicator, both within your team and to the customer. You can also communicate your ideas in 'human language' to less technical conversation partners.
  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit and dare to take on challenging conversations and defend your position.
  • Onboarding Training Package: Curiosity and a good attitude are some of your most important qualities. We would like to take a look at your current level of experience and skills together with you and develop a personal development plan to boost your career.

What are we offering:

  • You will join a Top Employer.
  • You will become part of a strong and solid growth company and work on a wide range of projects by using state-of-the-art applications & technology.
  • You end up in a growth division where the market potential is enormous.
  • Intensive teamwork in an open and dynamic atmosphere where fresh new ideas and initiatives can be started.
  • Tailor-made guidance, where you indicate where your interests lie and we look together how we can help you develop further.
  • Knowledge sharing is central. We offer many initiatives for this: innovation centers, reading groups, knowledge sharing meetings, hackathons, participation in conferences and external training.
  • You will work in a very interesting industry, namely the Aviation sector.
  • In addition to the gross salary, a premium (electrical) company car with fuel card / charge card or mobility budget, luncheon vouchers, interesting group and hospitalization insurance, mobile phone subscription, flat-rate expenses allowance and a powerful laptop, we offer flexible working hours and a nice work / life balance.Create your own compensation package thanks to our Flex Reward Plan.

Aspire to more: our promise to you!

At Cegeka you get all the opportunities you need to develop further as a professional. Together we discover what you really want to do for our clients and colleagues. We would like to invite you to grow with us. In an unprecedented variety of challenging and meaningful IT projects. Make your mark on projects with interesting customers where we can make the difference. Aspire to more!

We are always working together here. Intensively, with lots of fun and commitment. It is a culture driven by family values: full of trust, people-oriented, open, loyal and respectful. We offer a lot of freedom and responsibility. We want you to be part of the next phase of a proud, successful, fast-growing, innovative, European IT company full of ambitions.

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