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Cegeka is looking for Scrum Master/ developer to strengthen one of our agile teams within the Acerta EverESSt project. In this project we are building the future payroll engine. The main task of a payroll engine, also known as a payroll engine, is the payroll calculation. In short, from determining the right to gross wages to the net. From this flow tax files for the actual annual return, payment files for the cash flows, etc. Acerta is a Belgian HR service provider with wage calculation as one of their main activities for companies of all sizes. The department responsible for this calculation is called an "Approved Social Secretariat (ESS)". Most ESS work with payroll engines based on mainframe technologies that are often 20 to 30 years old. The need is growing for a new payroll engine that uses modern technology, which is both cost-effective and can support new business processes and models. How do we make this a success with Cegeka? By doing what we do best: building quality software using our Agile mentality and best development practices. We use techniques such as DDD, TDD and BDD. The technology stack is Java-based docker containers running on Openshift. The challenges are both in terms of functional requirements and operational requirements (NFRs), specifically: performance, scalability and maintainability. What does the job entail?

  • You will be part of a DevOps team that works closely with about 8 functional teams.
  • You will work as a Scrum Master/ Developer and make sure everyone understands what needs to be done and why. In doing so, you will provide support in self-direction and organization.
  • Organizing, facilitating, leading and/or guiding the Scrum rituals in combination with developing complex and challenging business applications and working with the latest tools and technologies.
  • You support as a member of the SRE team the new developments of the development teams within the project.
  • You have an eye for the continuous improvement of processes and introduce new ideas that improve performance and productivity.
  • You design and develop solutions for the operational requirements of the project together with your team members.
  • You take care of and support a.o. application releases, deployments and upgrades of librairies.
  • You make the link between the project and the underlying infrastructure.
  • You link business drivers to technical solutions and know how to translate them into a working architecture.
  • Actively share your knowledge and contribute to the continuous improvement of the team's operations.

What you need to succeed:

  • You are a Certified Scrum Master and have already had a taste of the role.
  • Logically you have experience with analysis, design, implementation and delivery of applications.
  • You are a Platform Java Engineer, so to speak: O.O., design patterns, refactoring, testing are very familiar concepts to you.
  • You have an interest in Kubernetes and Docker.
  • You know the importance of non-functionals like security and observability and are willing to learn them.
  • You have an interest in ELK-stack, Grafana, Prometheus and New Relic. Haven't come across these yet? No problem! You are willing to learn.  
  • You are a team player! Frequent collaborations with your team members are necessary.
  • You are diplomatic and pragmatic. You think along with the customer and your colleagues and can handle pressure very well given the responsibility of the product.
  • Not only your knowledge is crucial, we find your motivation, insight and attitude equally important.
  • You have a very good knowledge of English and Dutch.

What are we offering:

  • Intensive teamwork in an open and dynamic atmosphere where new fresh ideas and initiatives can be started up.
  • Tailor-made guidance, where you indicate what your interests are and together we look at how we can help you develop further.
  • Learning and sharing knowledge are central, so we offer numerous initiatives: innovation centers, reading groups, knowledge sharing meetings, hackathons, participation in conferences and external training.
  • Depending on your own interests and initiatives, Cegeka offers various horizontal and vertical career paths.
  • In addition to the gross salary, a premium company car with fuel card, meal vouchers, interesting group and hospitalisation insurance, cell phone subscription, fixed expense allowance and powerful laptop, we offer flexible working hours and a good work/life balance.
  • Compose your own remuneration package thanks to our Flex Reward Plan.
  • You will be working at our client in Leuven 2-3 times per month. Most of the time you can plan in your agenda flexibel. 

Aspire to more: our promise to you!

At Cegeka you get all the opportunities you need to develop further as a professional. Together we discover what you really want to do for our clients and colleagues. We would like to invite you to grow with us. In an unprecedented variety of challenging and meaningful IT projects. Make your mark on projects with interesting customers where we can make the difference. Aspire to more!

We are always working together here. Intensively, with lots of fun and commitment. It is a culture driven by family values: full of trust, people-oriented, open, loyal and respectful. We offer a lot of freedom and responsibility. We want you to be part of the next phase of a proud, successful, fast-growing, innovative, European IT company full of ambitions.

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