You don't need to be an IT-ist to make your mark at Cegeka

Bertje Bensaïd, Business Analist

Bertje has a master's degree in Economics. This is not a specialization that you usually associate with IT. But it is a field that requires valuable skills that match the skills of a good analyst. So no, you don't have to be an IT specialist in order to make a serious impact at Cegeka.

Bertje started as a non-IT person

"I am Bertje Bensaid and I have been working at Cegeka for 4 years, currently as a Functional Analyst and Project Leader in AI technology.

Project Leader of AI innovations is not something I’ve studied, as I have a master's degree in Applied Economics and specialize in Finance and Organization Design.

Nevertheless, I take many things from my education such as creatively searching for solutions to optimize the business and translating strategy into concrete implementations.

Moreover, I also use elements from my hobbies and background on a daily basis. Together with friends, I have been organizing events in Tienen for years and I can often be found behind the turntables as a DJ.

Working together with different people to set up a project that qualitatively meets the needs of the audience/client has certainly helped me to perform analyses on innovation projects today."

Are you interested in IT even if you have little or no experience in the field? Or are you looking for a career change? At Cegeka, we like to challenge you. Continuous learning is in our DNA, which is why we offer non-IT people the chance to train to become a fully-fledged functional analyst. Discover the job opportunities for non-IT people here. Discover the job opportunities for non-IT people here. 


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