The power of Cegeka's Power Platform team

Natasha Tombeng (Power Platform Consultant) & Kenneth Nicasens (Solution Architect)

Discover why Cegeka is the ideal workplace for Power Platform enthusiasts like Natasha and Kenneth. From a tight-knit team atmosphere to boundless opportunities for growth and development, at Cegeka, you'll find everything you need to let your passion for this technology flourish.

Not only does the Power Platform continuously evolve, but also our team at Cegeka grows and innovates alongside this technology. Here, we can truly make an impact.

Kenneth Nicasens, Solution Architect Power Platform

Discover the power of the Power Platform

Could both of you briefly tell us about your roles within Cegeka?

Kenneth: "As a Solution Architect within the Power Platform team, I work closely with clients and their teams to develop tailor-made solutions."

"I'm a Power Platform Consultant, primarily focusing on the technical aspects within the platform. My expertise extends towards plugins and the use of JavaScript for additional functionalities that cannot currently be addressed with the existing components and/or Powerfx." 

"What attracted you to work for Cegeka and specifically within the Power Platform?"

Kenneth: "My interest in Power Apps began about 5 years ago during my time with the ERP team. I discovered the power of the platform and decided, together with colleagues, to establish the Power Platform team 2 years later."

"Cegeka offered me the complete package: the benefits of a large organization combined with a tight-knit team atmosphere. Additionally, I was looking for a company with an extensive Power Platform team so that I could learn from other Power Platform specialists and also on an interdisciplinary level from, for example, JavaScript developers. During my interviews, I immediately noticed that Cegeka is very progressive and keeps pace with all new developments. The Power Platform team has a very clear vision and all the expertise to make it happen."

How is knowledge and experience shared and disseminated within the team?

Kenneth: "We share knowledge in various ways, such as through weekly team meetings where we review the schedule and present something small to each other. Monthly, we engage in knowledge sharing with the entire unit. At the corporate level, we established a Power Platform guild this year, which promotes international knowledge sharing within Cegeka."

Natasha, how was your onboarding experience? What role did Kenneth play in it?

Natasha: "My onboarding experience was very pleasant and well-prepared, which made me feel right at home on my first day. Kenneth was my assigned buddy, who guided me from day one and patiently answered all my questions. His support ensured that I could integrate quickly and start my tasks with confidence. I also got to know Cegeka extensively through the monthly onboarding day."

How does your day look like?

Kenneth: "My day usually starts with a cup of coffee, followed by working on projects with clients. We collaborate on DevOps user stories and test solutions together. In between, we have team chats for questions and... humor ;-)."

"I often start by following updates on LinkedIn, as many Power Platform updates are posted and explained there by MVPs. Then, I review my schedule and work on projects or provide support to clients who are keen on learning to build solutions with our assistance. We also have regular knowledge-sharing sessions and opportunities for further development through crash courses and certifications."

Why should people choose a role as a Power Platform Consultant?

Kenneth: "The Power Platform team is young, dynamic, and closely involved. You'll get exposure to various aspects such as Canvas Apps, data modeling, development, governance, workshops, AI, Web development,... In short, there's something for every Power Platform enthusiast, and you'll never get bored!"

"If you're creative, the Power Platform is a fantastic choice. Cegeka gives you the freedom to do what you prefer. For example, if you prefer giving trainings over building solutions all day, that preference is accommodated. If you love UI/UX, you can specialize in that. Thus, our Power Platform Team is very versatile, with room for everyone to pursue their own path, and you learn from each other's specialization."

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