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Pieter Dubois (Technical Architect) & Nikki Bruls (Technical Software Engineer)

Pieter and Nikki work within our Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement unit. Pieter was Nikki's buddy when she recently started at Cegeka. Along with a team of technical and functional consultants, project managers, and architects, they work on CRM projects within the Microsoft stack.

The onboarding process went incredibly smoothly! I immediately felt at home in the team, and my colleagues provided excellent support right from the start. I also had the opportunity to obtain my first Microsoft certifications.

Nikki Bruls, Technical Software Engineer Customer Engagement

Teamwork and dedication

Could both of you briefly tell us about your roles within Cegeka?

Nikki: "At the moment, I've been working as a Technical Software Engineer within the CE team for 6 months. I'm primarily involved in setting up customized features, as well as configuring standard functionalities within the CRM environment for clients."

Pieter: "I've been working at Cegeka for about 6.5 years now, and during that time, I've progressed from a Technical Software Engineer to a Technical Architect. This means that I'm mainly responsible for analyzing, conceptualizing, and outlining the architectural framework and technical designs, although I still enjoy diving into the code myself. Additionally, I serve as the team lead for the technical aspect of our Connected Engagement team and as the community lead for the entire team."

What attracted you to work for Cegeka and specifically within Customer Engagement?
Nikki: "A friend of mine was already working for Cegeka. He always spoke enthusiastically about the company and encouraged me to apply. Initially, I applied for a different position within Cegeka. However, that position turned out to be filled, but the recruiter I was in contact with informed me that the Customer Engagement team was still looking for people. So, that's how I ended up joining the team."

Pieter: "The story yet to be written! Back when we started the Customer Engagement team, we were just three people, and there was practically nothing: no projects, no structure, no methodology, no well-functioning team! Management gave us immense freedom and trust to build the team from scratch, and I can say, with a sense of pride, that we have succeeded fantastically. Now, we have a close-knit team of nearly 50 people who support each other wholeheartedly, a commendable track record of successfully delivered projects, and a pipeline filled with interesting clients and endeavors."
How would you describe the team atmosphere within Customer Engagement?
Nikki: "The atmosphere is very open. You can tell that people enjoy working within the team and strive together to deliver high-quality projects. It's a close-knit team with a lot of knowledge and ambition."

"As the community lead, I've always made sure that new colleagues were a good fit with the current team when building the team. Consequently, it's a tight-knit group of people where newcomers immediately feel welcome. It's a cliché, but here it also follows the principle of 'work hard, play hard'. We have a lot of fun, there's a lot of talking and especially laughter. We genuinely show interest in each other, but when it's time to work, we also work hard. However, even that happens in a great atmosphere because every team member is involved and works together towards the same goal to successfully complete the task. We genuinely support each other, offering advice and assistance whenever needed."

How is your team structured?

Pieter: "It's a well-balanced team, with a nice mix of functional and technical profiles, juniors, mediors, and seniors. But what's really great is that you don't actually notice much of that, because everyone talks and works with everyone else without any form of distinction or sense of hierarchy, whether you're in management or a junior consultant."


How does your day look like?
Nikki: "In the morning, I turn on my laptop and quickly go through the emails and Teams messages that need attention. If there are urgent matters, I start working on those right away. If not, I begin working on the projects scheduled for that week. Throughout the day, there are meetings with various project teams to discuss the current status and make plans for the upcoming week. In addition to regular work, there are also regular fun and educational team events organized. This could be an external training, internal knowledge sharing, a cozy lunch with the team, or a challenging team-building activity. This ensures that every workday is a unique experience."


Pieter: "Because I have so many different roles, no day looks the same, and my day can look completely different by noon than what I envisioned in the morning - but that's what I find so enjoyable about the job. So, I divide my attention between various tasks and activities. One moment, I'm having conversations with people on my team to see how they're doing, or organizing team meetings, team-building activities, or knowledge-sharing sessions. The next moment, I'm in a workshop with a client to outline an integration landscape and then turning that workshop into a technical design. After that, I might start coding myself to build complex components (and make them work!). In between, I often provide technical advice to colleagues from within and outside our team, and I monitor the planning and work of my team. So, it's a busy, varied day!"

Why should people choose a technical role within Customer Engagement?
Nikki: "You learn a lot in this role. The team and work atmosphere are very pleasant. The work-life balance is excellent. All colleagues are open to helping, so you never feel alone. There's a lot of freedom for development, both through training and through direct experience within projects. Your voice and feedback matter from the very beginning. The hierarchy is very flat, making management easily approachable. Management takes responsibility for the team and is open to feedback from the team. This fosters good collaboration and a safe learning environment where you can make the most out of your personal skills."


Pieter: "I can only echo what Nikki says. I'm also glad she experiences it that way because she describes exactly what we had in mind! Additionally, I can add that working in our team means you're joining a team with a wealth of knowledge, with people eager to share that knowledge. You'll be in a technical environment where there are so many components and modules that every solution you build is unique, and you're always learning something new. And last but not least, you'll be working for an employer that, despite being one of the big, worldwide IT players, has remained cozy and familial. So, you get to enjoy the benefits of working for a large company, such as a well-thought-out HR policy, inner circle partnership with Microsoft, or a nice fleet policy, but in terms of atmosphere, freedom, and flexibility, it feels like you're joining a startup!"

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