The combination of a client facing role & technical work

Stephanie Serdons, Security Advisor

Stephanie Serdons recently joined Cegeka as Security Advisor. She decided to come home to the Limburgian hospitality and the combination of technical work and a client facing role. We asked her about the content of her job, the challenges and the reason why she chose Cegeka.

Being able to bridge the gap between business and IT is something very unique and valuable, both for the client and for yourself

Stephanie Serdons, Security Advisor

Stephanie, strong woman within Security


You are Security Advisor at Cegeka, what do you like about this job?

"What attracted me to this position in the first place was that there was a nice combination of client facing work and the more broad technical part of the security landscape. Being able to bridge the gap between business and IT is something very unique that is incredibly valuable to the client and to yourself. If you can communicate from technical to business and vice versa you are in a very strong position. So this is a position where there is a lot to learn even if you are not technically trained, this can be taught to you."

What are your first impressions?

"I come from Dilsen-Stokkem and have worked in Brussels for 1.5 years, so Cegeka feels like coming home. The atmosphere in Limburg still radiates from the company. The onboarding went very smoothly and everyone is super helpful and social."


What is your specialization? What will you be working on?

"Because of my business background, outside of CSA work, I'm also going to be participating in assessments of companies and their security landscape. To really have a specialization I don't have enough experience yet, but I already have a strong interest in Identity and Access Management so far."


Are you still technically involved yourself?

"At the moment I am working on a project where we are using the CSAF, the Cegeka Security Assessment Framework. This is not so much technical work but this leans more towards risk management and ISO standards. Again, you see the combination of the business and the technical aspect."


How would you describe the culture in the team?

"I would describe it short and sweet: open communication and no-nonsense approach. The team is still relatively small at the moment but that makes it all just a little bit more personal. In terms of culture, it is exactly what I expected, a learning environment where everyone gets the chance to develop and where entrepreneurship is encouraged. Everyone is very approachable and there is no strict hierarchy."


Why do you think people should choose this job?

"If you want to be in a challenging and fast-growing team you should go for the role of Security Advisor. You will be challenged and have to step out of your comfort zone to get the most out of yourself. You will be surrounded by all experienced people who can support you and from who you can learn a lot."

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