At Cegeka, we are excited about data analysis. We help our clients to gain valuable insights from data. Insights that enable them to make important decisions. Would you like to dive into data lakes with us?


Finding value in data

We look at the customer's business from a data perspective. With cutting-edge knowledge and experience our Data Architects, Analysts, Scientists and Data Engineers offer various data solutions. We also advise our customers about storing, connecting and interpreting data.

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For a waste processing company we created an AI system that can recognize dirt in bales of compressed PET bottles with the use of a camera. In this way they can intervene when it’s necessary. If the camera sees something that doesn't belong in such a bale, an alert is triggered so that the unwanted parts can be taken out. Moreover, this information is added on their data platform to the information for their clients. In this way they know what kind of quality is the plastic they are getting, how it can be used, and so much more.

We're actually going to train the AI system with pictures of pet bales. And each picture we're going to give a label: dirty or clean. We call that ‘labeling’. In that way the system can 'learn' what is dirt and what is plastic. The more pictures we provide and the more variation in those pictures, the faster the AI system learns and the faster it will be able to make decisions on its own.


We train our people in all aspects of the Public Cloud to set up the modern data platform for our customers.”

Kristel Demotte, Global VP Data Solutions

What should you expect?

  • Working in an enthusiastic team with great expertise in data analytics, science, governance and engineering;
  • You will use advanced platforms such as SQL, Hadoop, Python, Spark and R;
  • You will have the opportunity to work on challenging assignments for reputable clients;
  • A versatile playground for growth, substantial challenge and professional satisfaction;
  • Projects – both large and small - where you can really make your mark;
  • Building sustainable, balanced partnerships with clients.
  • You will join the team of Kristel Demotte, Global VP Data Solutions, who was recently awarded the ICT Woman of the Year award 2022 by Data News. Kristel wants to be a true role model, a figurehead, an ambassador for girls and women in IT. "I want to show how beautiful IT is and that the opportunities are immense."

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