To strive for a partnership in close cooperation

Luka Parade, Business Development Manager 

As Business Development Manager, Luka has commercial responsibility for his clients within the Flemish government. He gets energy from a day that is well filled with different tasks and that requires multitasking. From meetings with customers, to prospecting, working out offers with the bid office and internal follow-up meetings with the service delivery manager... there is no shortage of variation at Cegeka!

Cegeka is among the top 3 in Belgium in the field of IT but has the values of a real family business

Luka Parade, Business Development Manager

Open communication and trust

"I am convinced that open and transparent communication within a customer relationship is key. In this way, trust can be generated from both organizations and through this close cooperation we are able to realize brilliant things together.


We want to help our clients stay relevant by focusing 100% on innovation, investing in new technology and automation. We support them in this and ensure we have the right skills in-house. I am triggered by challenging business needs and Cegeka encourages me to take responsibility for implementing a successful solution. As a dynamic and flexible person, I can quickly adapt to different situations.

I am committed to building and maintaining a real partnership with my clients and prospects. To strive for the 'in close cooperation' that Cegeka stands for. I continue to immerse myself in understanding new interesting trends in order to be able to translate them into possible projects for clients.


For me, Cegeka is an employer with a real 'getting things done' mentality. With the possibility of being hyper-flexible, you can really do your own thing to achieve your objectives. There is a good work-life balance and I receive a nice, comprehensive remuneration package. And last but not least: more and more initiatives are being launched to build up a good relationship with colleagues outside work as well (happy hours, Cegeka social ride, etc.)."

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