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Isabelle Anseeuw, Application Consultant

Isabelle Anseeuw is an Application Consultant at Cegeka. She made the transition from business to IT through a personalized Switch to ERP program.

"With my background in business, my expertise as a key user found a good fit. Being a key user is crucial as it involves thoroughly understanding and exploring all processes in depth. I also learned to independently set up and test processes in Dynamics 365, which is now invaluable for understanding customer needs."

Cegeka is known for its close relationship with the customer, functions as a vast knowledge hub, is highly solution-oriented, and provides employees with the autonomy to work independently.

Isabelle Anseeuw, Application Consultant

Switch from business to IT

What work experience did you bring with you before joining Cegeka?
"Before I started the Switch to Dynamics 365 program at Cegeka, I accumulated almost 20 years of experience in Customer Service & Sales and AX09 & D365.

My journey began as a Customer Service representative, and I progressed to become a team lead. Subsequently, the management appointed me as a key user to guide an ERP implementation, recognizing my strong knowledge of the business and its processes.

Later on, there was a merger with another company, and leveraging my expertise in business processes, particularly within sales, I became the Business Process Lead for Order to Cash. I then had a team of key users reporting to me and collaborated with other Business Process Leads to optimize and align our processes.

My previous roles have provided valuable insights into various aspects of Customer Service & Sales, strengthening my passion for optimizing business processes."

What led you to decide to make the switch to the Switch to ERP program and choose a role as an Application Consultant?
"Optimizing processes through well-thought-out systems gave me a lot of satisfaction. I actively contributed to projects within customer services, where additional tools were implemented to manage inventory more efficiently. This deep interest in business processes and tools prompted me to consider transitioning to a role as an ERP Consultant. During my considerations, I had valuable conversations with colleagues at Cegeka who had made a similar switch before. These discussions ultimately gave me the confidence to step into the IT world and join Cegeka."

What doubts did you have before making the decision to take this step?
"I was a bit concerned that business knowledge might not be sufficient to make a switch to IT. My technical background is rather limited. Also, the fact that I had mainly Order to Cash expertise made me doubt whether in-depth business knowledge of other domains was necessary. During the application process, Cegeka employees reassured me by emphasizing that there would be a tailor-made training available and that an experienced team with extensive knowledge was ready to guide me."

What appeals to you the most in your current role?
"It is exceptionally challenging that in my current role, I have the opportunity to assist various companies and departments in developing their processes. Within Cegeka, an impressive network of knowledge is available to lean on. Active support is provided to expand your knowledge, with valuable internal training serving as a solid foundation to build upon. There is a culture that allows you the freedom to independently tackle tasks. You are expected to prioritize tickets based on your own experience and insights and seek solutions on your own."

What training or education were offered to make you feel comfortable in your current position?
"Thanks to the many comprehensive, tailored internal ERP trainings and LinkedIn Learnings in areas where I had less experience, I was able to broaden my foundation. As a result, I am becoming more comfortable in my current role. The training approach is flexible and adapted to individual needs, with the dedicated trainer also supporting and training key users at clients."

What does your typical workday look like now?
"My colleagues and I work divided between the Service and Project Teams. Within the Service team, I can already tell you that every day is different! We work based on incoming customer tickets. Sometimes these are straightforward tickets, and sometimes they are very challenging, ranging from answering customer questions, solving problems, to searching for targeted solutions and implementing adjustments, such as reconsidering processes for improvement. I find that my job is very diverse and provides a pleasant challenge. You have a lot of freedom, but you also need to demonstrate the necessary discipline, for example, to determine priorities and efficiently resolve tickets within an acceptable timeframe."

Do you have any tips for people who are unsure about their career choices?
"Absolutely, for those who are uncertain: within Cegeka, there are many opportunities, even for people with a background in business (and not just IT profiles!). As I mentioned before, my colleagues and I work divided between the Service and Project Teams. For me, a position within the Service Team appealed to me the most because of the variety and freedom. However, there are also options within the Project Team, where projects need to be successfully delivered from start to finish within a specific deadline. There's something for everyone!"

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