Focus on our internal customers

Valerie Jennes, Corporate Project Manager

As Corporate Project Manager, Valerie is committed every day to the successful implementation of our internal strategic projects. Her internal clients are located within procurement, marketing, HR and the digital workplace. She finds transparency, the right knowledge, a positive mindset and good communication important in the functioning of a team. Valerie: "As a team you continuously work on each other's work, open and clear communication is the key to moving forward."

Making contacts, networking and being the link between different stakeholders are key for a good project manager.

Valerie Jennes, Corporate Project Manager

Focus on strategic internal projects

What does your position within Cegeka entail and where exactly is it located? 


 "As Corporate Project Manager at Digital & Information Office, I am involved in setting up Cegeka's strategic/tactical internal projects. This includes both estimating the project together with the stakeholders towards objectives and timing, planning the project as well as supervising the project together with the project team. "



Which projects are you working on?


"I am currently working on a mix of projects within the domains of internal IT and corporate processes. These are projects ranging from setting up the digital workplace in Cegeka Italy, integrating a new process for business travel or putting 5G on the map at KRC Genk. All kinds of projects related to procurement, marketing, HR and the digital workplace."



What technologies do you come into contact with?


"Depending on the project, we call on different internal platforms such as our ERP system or integrate different technologies such as 5G or Artificial Intelligence within a process. As long as it adds value to the project. "

Could you outline a "day in the life" of a  Project Manager?


"After the daily morning coffee (in the office with the colleagues), I start my scheduled meetings of the day where I follow up with the project teams around the status and bottlenecks of the project. There are also regular ad hoc meetings with experts on certain topics or update meetings with management to brief them on a project. The remaining time I spend updating schedules of current projects or mapping out new projects."



What key skills & attitude are essential for this role? 


"As a project manager, it is important to think problem-solving, to be able to keep an overview while keeping multiple balls in the air and to be ambitious to keep making progress.

The social part of project management is a bit underestimated in my opinion but is at least as important to achieve results since you involve many stakeholders in a project. Making contacts, expanding your network, being the link between different stakeholders ... for a good project manager that is key!"



Cegeka considers continuous learning very important, how do you experience this in your job?

"I experience this very actively by, on the one hand, following general trainings offered by Cegeka such as today, for example, a training 'How to boost your resilience at work'. On the other hand, I also follow trainings applied to my job such as 'PRINCE2 project management' or I can also always request to follow trainings focused on my personal growth."



How do you see your further career within Cegeka? What are possible next steps?


"I see my growth path within project management evolving where there is a lot of opportunity for broadening projects in e.g. other domains or focused on other topics. There is also the possibility to grow in size of projects where there is a possibility to grow into program management where you combine several projects in one program. Every year I discuss with my manager which direction my career can take. He guides me intensively in this. "



What are Cegeka's USPs for you, why do you like working here? 

"The professional environment in which you can always learn, balance on and off the job and the endless opportunities for growth appeal to me daily to work at Cegeka."


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