Passion for storage

Kevin Croughs, System Engineer Storage

Kevin Croughs is a system engineer and has been working for Cegeka's storage team since 2017. He is part of an international team with colleagues from 3 different countries in Europe: Belgium, the Netherlands and Romania.

It's a great team: the combination of professionalism, team unity, atmosphere and humor is what I like the most. Everyone contributes to success.

Kevin Croughs, System Engineer Storage

Working on storage automation framework

"Our work is a balanced combination of engineering, operational and project-based work. Our team takes care of all aspects of storage: from initial configuration to provisioning, administration, support, upgrades, disaster recovery testing, migrations and finally decommissioning a system. We are also developing a framework for storage automation where we can put all the pieces of our environment together, in order to avoid manual repetitive work."

"At Cegeka, I am the CEO of my own career. This makes me responsible for my own professional path and development. Cegeka facilitates and stimulates but the employee brings the initiatives. Besides work, there is also a lot of fun. Teambuildings, happy hours, family days, short skiing .... such activities ensure there is enough time for enjoyment at work!"

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