Passion for data

Kristel Demotte, Global VP Data Solutions

Kristel Demotte 'breathes' data. Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Data Engineering,… it's in Kristel's DNA and it is obvious: the passion is genuine, goes deep and is quite contagious.

Cloud-first strategy

"The demand for data expertise in the market is huge, and it’s growing every day. Companies are really looking for experts who can build the data platform of the future. I'm not going to mince my words: I want to see Cegeka in a top position!"

"I am proud of how passionate the people in my business line work to help customers become truly data-driven. Business Intelligence, Data Engineering, Data Governance, Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, ... As a Cloud expert you can work in various domains. At Cegeka we are using a cloud-first strategy. And that’s a must! – it can be very difficult to be data-driven if you don't adopt a cloud strategy."

"The mission of our Data Solutions business line is to set up modern data platforms of the future with the latest technologies in public cloud. I am looking for senior and passionate people who want to set up and maintain those modern data platforms from A to Z within our projects."

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