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Kevin Croughs, System Engineer Storage

Kevin Croughs is a system engineer and has been working for Cegeka's storage team since 2017. He is part of an international team with colleagues.. Read more

Philippe Vanstipelen, Development and Technology Manager Dynamics 365

Philippe Vanstipelen is Development and Technology Manager within Dynamics 365. His responsibilities include project planning and process control. Read more

Nicky Van den Brande, Analyst Developer & Horejah Hertsen, Field Manager

Nicky works as an Analyst Developer at Professional Services. She is warmly succeeded in this by her dedicated people manager Horejah.Read more

Siene De Keyser, Analyst Developer

Siene retrained from Network Engineer to Analyst Developer. She is supported by a people manager in choosing training courses.Read more

Bertje Bensaïd, Business Analyst

Bertje has a Master's degree in Economics, not a major you would associate with IT. Nevertheless, he is making a serious impact at Cegeka!Read more

Kristel Demotte, Global VP Data Solutions

Kristel Demotte 'breathes' data. Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Data Engineering,... it's all in Kristel's DNA and you can tell: the..Read more

Fabrice Wynants, Director Security & IAM Services

Fabrice Wynants has a solid track record in cyber security, with 22+ years of expertise in helping enterprises solve their IT security challenges. Read more

Joris Vertommen, Operations Manager Applications

Joris Vertommen has a passion for tailor-made software development, application maintenance and agile coaching. Read more

Linford Akwei, Cloud Data Engineer

Because of his passion for Azure, data and analytics, Linford chose to pursue a training path to become a Cloud Data Engineer after graduation.Read more

Tom Vandenberk, IT Storage Architect

Tom Vandenberk and his team ensure that the customer can make the right technical choices, so that the IT architecture remains solid.Read more